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Our basic service which is free has been discontinued due to an extremely high volume of submissions. For a small fee, we offer two premium submission packages with aggressive visibility features.

Advantages of Posting your Infographic with us

Infographaholic is a luxury visual data archive for people to post and discover infographics. Our website is optimized to produce the best visibility for infographics on the web. Below are some features that stand us apart from the rest.


  • Upload your Infographic for Free. Approval takes 3 to 5 business days and submission is not gaurenteed beaed on quality.
  • Will not receive a notification when it does or does not get approved


  • Infographic is gaurenteed to get posted within 48hrs & you will receive a notification when it does.
  • Can have up to two links in your content, one of which is able to be in the form of an anchor text.
  • Infographic will receive shared distribution through all infographaholic social networks & entered into our monthly BEST INFOGRAPHIC Contest



  • Infographic is gaurenteed to get posted within 48hrs & you will receive a notification when it does.
  • Content permitted to have up to three anchor text links within it pointing to anywhere you request.
  • DOUBLE POSTING: Infographic will also be posted to our content site, LegitScoop (CLICK HERE FOR EXAMPLE) and distributed through both sites social networks


Submit Infographics to Get the Attention They Deserve

No doubt you have put a lot of work into your infographics, and you are anxious for the world to see them. You can only accomplish this if you commit to a infographic submission plan that is going to give you the opportunity to post them where they are going to be recognized for their worth. This is why we have created a hub to accept your freeinfographic submissionand place it in the appropriate category.

If you are new to the visibility strategy of submitting infographics, you probably are a little confused about the impact it will and what type of success it will return. It may be that you are hoping to draw traffic to your website through this marketing opportunity, or you simply want to get your brand known. Regardless, it is beneficial to find as many free infographic submission opportunities, as you can, to achieve maximum exposure of your amazing visual data.

Your Infographic Submission Can Be a Valuable Resource

We truly love visual data, and for this reason we allow you to submit your infographics for free. Infographics are the next-cool-thing, and becoming increasingly popular on the web. We love high quality infographics and want to grow our archive, so we hope you enjoy our freeinfographic submissionopportunity, to help your finished work to get the recognition it deserves. There are many benefits you will gain from this exposure, such as:

  • A better chance that your infographic will be discovered (as users love browsing these archives)
  • Links and referral traffic to your website

Free vs Paid Infographic Submission

There are thousands of sites on the web that will submit infographics or other content for you. Some sites provide this service for free while others will charge between $5 – $300 to publish your infographic. The more domain authority a website has, the higher the charge they require for this insurance. This makes sense as sites with a higher domain authority can produce more valuable links back to your site.

Finding Good Sites to Submit your Infographic To

Our website has a comprehensive list that we offer free of charge, recognizing the best free and paid infographic submission sites. Follow our link to our Submission Site List Page so you can start publishing your art across the web.


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