Selfie culture among generation

Have you ever wondered which of the generations engages the most in taking
selfies? Well according to a study it was found that those born during the
1980’s and early 2000 i.e. the Millennial’s engage the most in taking
selfies. This generation is then followed by the Gen X, the Boomer and the
Silent generations, each of which upload their selfies onto social media
and apps however less than Millennials. A study was also conducted to find
out which social media website is the most popular when it comes to
uploading selfies and Facebook was found to be the most popular with 48% of
selfies uploaded on it daily. A number of brands and big companies such as
NASA, National Geographic, Pizza Hut, Samsung, Old Navy and UNICEF to
mention a few have also incorporated this trend as part of their ad
campaigns.Despite their popularity, there are pros and cons associated with
taking selfies. Their positive aspects range from them being a good way of
sharing with others a picture of when one feels and looks good, to be able
to capture good moments with friends and family and to simply have fun.
Selfies can however have a negative aspect to them as well as they have the
potential for breaching security especially if privacy levels aren’t high
enough and they may cause individuals to be involved in looking good rather
than focusing on being smart. At times, this leads to extremely high levels
of obsession with one’s looks which can cause additional troubles.


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