Hair Care in Classical Antiquity Infographic

Part 2 – Hair care in classical antiquity (see part 1, Hair care in Ancient Egypt).

As we continue to tell the history of hair care, it’s interesting to know that barbershops were born exactly in times of classical antiquity in the Ancient Greece. The barbershops were like clubs where the men met and had long conversations about philosophical, political or communal themes.

Greeks used to perfume their heads with aromatic scents made from flowers, spices and olive oil. Also they made the hair brighter with the use of lotions, ointments and beeswax. Shaving of beards was made only with water and razors of bronze, sharpened with stones. To that task were barbers dedicated to. The first barbershops were born in the Ancient Greece. Shaving of beards was made also by means of depilation with beeswax and tweezers. The potassium water and hydrogen peroxide, or bleach were used to decolorize hair. Dyes were made with different formulas, mixing henna with other herbs for reddish hair, saffron flowers for blonde hair. To curl their hair women use a tool called «calamistrum», which was a hollow iron tube that was heated on the ashes and the hair was rolled around it. Roman Patrician women wore wigs to augment the size of their hair. Wigs were usually made with human hair.


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