Free Tools for Creating Infographics

Present a flawless presentation without spending hours in front of a screen, knowing anything about graphic design, or spending a dime.

Photo Infographic Generator

Photo Infographic Gen

Specifically designed for mobile devices, this photographer targeted app creates an infographic based on your photos. InFoto will illustrate information like what time of day you prefer to shoot, your shutter speed, and your flash usage. These free images are easily shareable to social media platforms and available for download.



Dipity users can easily create a digital multimedia timeline for any topic of their choosing. Video, audio, images, text, links, social media, location and timestamps from across the web will be organized into a visually stimulating and interactive infographic that can shared and embed at no cost.


vizualize me

Visualise your resume and get the job of your dreams. Design an online resume, available for download, in an easy and simple fashion. Users can customize themes, experience timelines, skill bubble charts, and other graphics until the deed is done – and perfected.


Working off an excel style platform,’s basic account features 30 chart types and simplified data editing. Users can even import their own media. The free infographic can then be published online, embed, or shared.

Get About

get about me

Bill Gates followers unite; Microsoft has developed a free app that will help users monitor personal social media use as well as trending topics. Although the infographics are not customizable, they are easy to read and offered in a variety of formats.



Although a free account only offers three themes, Piktochart allows users to create a super customized infographic in just three steps. The site’s grid lined template generates an easy platform to tweak color schemes, graphics, and text. When users are satisfied with their design, they can download, share, or embed their presentation.

Google Developers

Google Charts

Google Developers will configure real time data for your website. The chart tools are simple to use and highly customizable. Google stands by their app and even utilizes the same tools! The infographics are based on pure HTML5/SVG technology, and offer a 3 year compatibility guarantee.

easelly‘s drag and drop platform and library of thousands and thousands of templates makes it one of the best inforgraphic creators. Users can also construct their own template without having to use any coding. If that wasn’t enough, all of these features come at absolutely no cost!



An account with Venngage will enable users to access a limited number of templates, themes, and pre-made graphics. After you customize your free infographic, you can view it online or share it on social media.


Visual features multiple apps, available to use online, that will design a variety of infographics from customizable templates. All of these free apps feature downloading and sharing to social media. Visual also allows users real time talk with their talented team members and commissioned infographics for a fixed price.


Canva Infographics


Start creating compelling infographics for free. There’s no need to download or install anything to use Canva. Head over to create an account and get started. Canva’s inforgraphic maker includes hundreds of free design elements that allows you to experiment with data visualization like a pro.


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